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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
EN2212 Charles Huntington Beach
EN2213 Melvin Beach
EN2310 Elizabeth Huntington Brodel
EN2288aspouse1 Max Brodel
EN2311 Ruth Warner Brodel 1 Jun 1908
EN943spouse1 Elisa Johanna Catherine Cockburn 25 Jun 1877
EN1038 Archie Johnston
EN1339spouse2 Leslie Pitchford
IR1862spouse1 Rossanna Mary Tagliapietra
IR5303aspouse1 Jean-Pierre van der Straeten
THG146 Paradusta Hungerfordi bealsi
THG147 Paradusta Hungerfordi coucoum
THG148 Paradusta Hungerfordi hungerfordi
THG149 Paradusta Hungerfordi lovetha
THG83 Brychius Hungerfordi
THG150 Cypraea Hungerfordi
THG151 Erronea Hungerfordi
THG152 Notadusta Hungerfordi
THG84 Paradusta Hungerfordi
EN1847spouse1 Helen A'Beckett
IR1866spouse1 Suzanna A’Loia
US11606 Albert E. Abbey
OT1887 Belinda Jane Abbey
OT1886 George Abbey
US11605 Myrta M. Abbey
US1467spouse1 Nancy Abbey
US11037spouse1 Rosanna S. Abbey 17 Apr 1894
US11037spouse2 Vashti Naome Abbey 1915
US10635bspouse1 William E. Abbey
SH677spouse1 Alice Maria Abbott

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