Richard W. Hungerford, Jr. initiated the THFFI database of Hungerfords dating back to the 1200s and their descendants down to and including living persons regardless of surname, as well as a large collection of photographs, bibles, manuscripts and other materials that he has contributed to the Foundation over time. Click here for the Background behind development of the database as well as an explanation of its features, particularly with respect to the rationale for, and meaning of, the reference numbers (REFNs) assigned to each person in the database.

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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
US4885a Jaqueline Abell
US19930 Jason Abell
US4885c Jeanette Abell
US4881 Joseph Dent Abell BEF 7 Dec 2013
US4884 Lucille Marie Abell
US4885b Sharon Abell
US19929 Timothy Abell
US4885d Tina Abell
US19928 Vincent Abell
SH262spouse2 Susan Medora Aber 1 Jan 1909
EN4823spouse2 John Robertson Abercrombie 11 Sep 1960
IR5474spouse1 Jennifer Helen Aberdeen
US2157bspouse1 Alfred Abernathy
OT6897 Betsey Ann Abernathy 1916
US1232 Christine Elizabeth Abernathy
US1231 James Abernathy
US15751 Kirk A. Abernathy 5 Aug 1977
US15752 Michael James Abernathy
SH1491aspouse1 Ronald Abernathy
US15749spouse1 Steven James Abernathy 24 Jun 2006
IR1593spouse1 Cecil W. Abernethy 8 Jun 1970
IR4416 Frank William Tudor Abernethy 18 Oct 1967
EN2478spouse1 Margaret Marie Abildskov
US19685 Allie Lea Abla
US19684 April Dawn Abla
US19683spouse1 Ronald Dwayne Abla
US53bspouse1 Scott J. Abler
EN3596spouse1 Parnel Abney 11 Feb 1834
EN3574 Jean Huddleston Abney-Hasting 1981
EN3580a Amanda Louise Abney-Hastings

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