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We have ambitious plans to become the ultimate repository for anything related to the Hungerford and associated family surnames. We have already collected numerous oil paintings of Hungerfords, books by and about Hungerfords, bibles, and other materials pertinent to the "Hungerford story". We need a place to store all of those items and make them accessible to our members. Ultimately, we hope to acquire the Orville Hungerford home for our headquarters serving those purposes. We would like to provide members access to vital records on microfilm and hire staff that can help members with their research.

Your financial support is essential to achieving those objectives as well as providing the financial wherewithal to pay the scholarships to be awarded deserving students each year. Please consider making a donation right now, as you read this. Simply go to the Donate page to make it happen.

The Foundation also needs volunteers to assist in managing the organization. Please consider volunteering your time for any one or more of the following:

  1. Become a Member of the Board of Trustees,
  2. Become an Officer,
  3. Help compile medical statistics for the Medical Database,
  4. Help with the website by adding, editing and managing its functionality,
  5. Become a member of the scholarship committee responsible for reviewing scholarship applications and making recommendations to the Board of Trustees for awarding those scholarships,
  6. Become a member of the capital fund advisory committee responsible for raising the money to purchase the Orville Hungerfield property in Watertown, New York to be used as the headquarters for the Foundation, and/or
  7. Supervise development of a communications program with Members.

Volunteers will play a significant role in the formative years of the Foundation and will be key players in placing the Foundation on a solid financial footing.