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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
HFC1 Adrian Hungerford
HFC22 Agnes Hungerford
HFC13 Amelia Hungerford
HFC16 Augusta Hungerford
HFC8 Burt Hungerford
HFC37 Chandler Hungerford
HFC21 Charlie Hungerford
HFC25 Charlotte Hungerford
HFC36 Clare Hungerford
HFC5 David Hungerford
HFC19 E. B. Hungerford May 1992
HFC34 Elwood Hungerford 30 Nov 1864
HFC33 Frank Hungerford
HFC15 George Hungerford
HFC10 George Hungerford
HFC2 Grant Hungerford
HFC6 Hal Hungerford
HFC35 Helen Hungerford
HFC14 Hugh Hungerford
HFC3 Jim Hungerford
HFC30 Jimmy Hungerford
HFC18 Joe Hungerford
HFC4 John Hungerford
HFC29 Josey Hungerford
HFC17 Julia Hungerford
HFC20 Maggie Hungerford
HFC28 Maie Hungerford
HFC9 Max Hungerford
HFC11 Percy Hungerford
HFC31 Peter Hungerford

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