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By becoming a member of the Foundation, you will:

  1. Be able to apply for Scholarships that are awarded each year to individual members and/or family members covered under family memberships,
  2. Have access to the extensive on-line Surnames Database of tens of thousands of Hungerford & associated family surnames and materials,
  3. Have access to copies of birth records, death records, bibles, correspondence, & numerous other items in the Library, many of which are not available elsewhere,
  4. Have access to the on-line Medical Database of Hungerford & associated family medical issues that could be important to you and your family members,
  5. Enjoy the THFFI Newsletter, The Hungerford World Tree,
  6. Receive news regarding our genealogical research about the spread of the Hungerford & associated families throughout the world,
  7. Have free access, at no charge, to the research library, archives and museum that your membership fees will help us establish through the eventual purchase of the Orville Hungerford Home at some time in the future,
  8. Qualify for Foundation-financed preservation and replacement of gravestones important to your family, and
  9. Participate in Foundation sponsored educational activities about significant historic events involving Hungerfords dating back to early England.

Contributions in excess of the base Member and Family Member fees are tax deductible under the United States Internal Revenued Code.

To become a Member, go to the Login page, choose a username and password, select the Membership category of your choosing and enter your credit card information.

If you prefer not to use your credit card on our site, you can download the THFFI Membership Application by clicking on the link and either mail it through the postal service or email it to the Foundation at thffi@outlook.com.