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Richard W. Hungerford, Jr. initiated the THFFI database of Hungerfords dating back to the 1200s and their descendants down to and including living persons regardless of surname, as well as a large collection of photographs, bibles, manuscripts and other materials that he has contributed to the Foundation over time. Click here for the Background behind development of the database as well as an explanation of its features, particularly with respect to the rationale for, and meaning of, the reference numbers (REFNs) assigned to each person in the database.

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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
CMP2 U. T. Hungerford Brass & Copper Co.
IR6307 Brian Udal
IR6306 Geoffery Beamish Udal 24 Apr 1976
IR3156cspouse1 Gerald Udal
IR6305 Gerald Uredale Udal 17 Jun 1958
IR6308 Lois Udal
IR6309 Nora Udal
IR5008spouse1 Vesna Vanessa Udovicic
OT876 Christina Uhl
US3277spouse2 Unknown Uhl
IR822spouse1 Ruth Honor Uhlerr
US10902spouse1 Elizabeth Uhlhorne
SH2spouse2 Mary Uknown Aft 29 Jan 1714
EN1990spouse1 Unknown Uknown
IR6274spouse1 Susan Ule
M115spouse1 Susan Ullom
US13328bspouse1 Harold Brewer Ulm Aug 1978
US13399 Maudine Cora Ulm
UNUS3217 Glen Ulmer
UNUS3218 JoAnn Isabell Ulmer
UNUS2399aspouse2 Leon Denson Ulmer 3 Jan 2005
UNUS3220 Mary Ulmer
UNUS3219 Ruth Ulmer
UNUS3221 Unknown Ulmer Bef 15 Jan 2015
UNEN1152 Glenn S. Ulrich
UNEN1156 Lois May Ulrich 8 May 1919
UNEN1154 Mildred Helen Ulrich 30 Apr 1999
UNEN1155 Norma Ulrich 17 May 1960
UNEN1153 Paul R. Ulrich
UNEN1013dspouse1 Robert C. Ulrich 28 Mar 1973

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