Richard W. Hungerford, Jr. initiated the THFFI database of Hungerfords dating back to the 1200s and their descendants down to and including living persons regardless of surname, as well as a large collection of photographs, bibles, manuscripts and other materials that he has contributed to the Foundation over time. Click here for the Background behind development of the database as well as an explanation of its features, particularly with respect to the rationale for, and meaning of, the reference numbers (REFNs) assigned to each person in the database.

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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
SH1200aspouse1 Bobbie Abbott
US18072 Bruce Abbott
US2710 Charles Abbott
IR4232 Chloe Emma Abbott
US393spouse1 David Abbott
US2183spouse1 Edward R. Abbott
UNEN1019spouse1 Emily Maria Abbott 3 May 1866
UNEN704 Estella Farley Abbott
SH147aspouse1 Ezra B. Abbott
UNEN678bspouse1 Frank I. Abbott
UNEN703 Fred F. Abbott
IR4233 Georgia Courtenay Abbott
US17340 Harry Otis Abbott 10 Feb 1985
US2318spouse1 Isabella Kendrick Abbott
IR1392spouse1 James Hayden Abbott
US6549aspouse1 John M. K. Abbott
IR282aspouse1 Josh Abbott
US17338 Laura E. Abbott
US3819 Lesa Abbott
US2709 Lottie Abbott
UNEN703a Marion Perry Abbott 22 Jul 1893
US17339 Mildred Ruby Abbott 3 Oct 2007
US3818 Monica Abbott
US17226spouse1 Myrtle Abbott 8 Jul 1931
US17337 Nina Evelyn Abbott 15 Dec 2011
US17324spouse1 Otis Abbott 29 Oct 1970
US17341 Patricia Kathleen Abbott
US3821 Robert Abbott
IR6421 Unknown Abbott
US3820 Wendy Abbott

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