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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
M1274spouse1 Charles Ernest Ackley
US7545spouse1 Clara Ackley 14 Mar 1828
OT241 Dennis J. Ackley
M1276 Dwight E. Ackley 8 Jul 1975
US1378 Elizabeth Ackley
OT242 Gary L. Ackley
US938spouse1 Hannah Ackley 24 Jun 1790
OT231 James Wesley Ackley 31 Jul 1965
SH1191bspouse2 Lee Clayton Ackley
OT240 Leslie E. Ackley
US956spouse1 Lucy Ackley 2 Aug 1811
M1275 Margaret E. Ackley
US959spouse1 Olive Ackley 12 Sep 1840
US1410spouse1 Olive Ackley 4 Feb 1854
OT33 Patricia Louise Ackley 30 Aug 1977
OT230 Russell Dugan Ackley
SH3aspouse1 Samuel Ackley
US1377 Samuel Ackley
OT238 Sidney Ackley
M1277 Wayne Hungerford Ackley
EN786spouse1 Esther Acklom
IR2153aspouse1 Anthony Ackroyd
IR4835 Brodie Alice Ackroyd
IR4834 Michael Ackroyd
IR144spouse1 Bertha Mary Charlotte Acocks 5 Mar 1967
OT6063 Linda Acord
OT6062 Rufus Howard Acord 24 Sep 2012
US7715spouse2 Violet Adametz 4 Jan 1998
SH697spouse2 Adams 1908
OT5947 Abbi Adams

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