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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
US11155spouse1 Unknown Tabares
US10607cspouse1 Jethro Taber
US663spouse William A. Taber 14 Feb 1859
IR477spouse1 Jenny Maree Grace Tabone
US445spouse1 Margaret Anne Tabor
OT253 Bern Tack
US26bspouse1 Charles Leon Tack
OT243 Chuck Tack
OT244 Patricia Tack
OT32 Yvonne Louise Tack
US15162spouse4 Unknown Tafolla
EN2282 Addie Ray Taft 5 Dec 1893
EN2278 Arthur Elisha Taft 16 Feb 1864
EN2281 Fannie Augusta Taft 19 Jun 1895
EN2280 Helen Stephens Taft 25 Aug 1890
EN2252cspouse1 Lowell Willard Taft
EN2279 Mary Emeline Taft
EN2277 William Edwin Taft
IR2499bspouse1 Thomas Tagarty
IR3354spouse Cyril John Tagg 30 Oct 2009
US4404spouse Hazel Tagg
IR3356 Lewis Paul Tagg
IR3357 Peta Tagg
US1780dspouse Frank Taggart
IR1337bspouse Gary Taggart
IR1413 Kelly Taggart
IR1414 Robyn Taggart
IR1862spouse1 Rossanna Mary Tagliapietra
EN3425spouse1 Yvonne Camille Henriette St-Rene Taillaudier
IR2172 Joanna Swanston Talberg

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