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ID First Name Last Name Death
SH915wife Marie Dacey
US5909husb Darell Daciuk
US4149bhu1 Russell Ernest Dade
US5828husb Jason Dagenais
IR2797 John Andrew Dagg
IR646bhusb Michael Andrew Dagg
IR657 Shane Michael Dagg
IR656 Stephene Jeanette Dagg
UNUS289wif Laura Lynn Dahl
IR1944a Ashleigh Dahler
IR1926chu2 Benjamin Dahler
IR1944 Jason Patrick Dahler
IR1944b Lucy Jane Dahler
IR1942 Natalie Anne Dahler 2000
IR1943 Yolanda Tracy Dahler
M400ahusbd Jeff Dahlinghaus
M402 Ryan Dahlinghaus
US439wife2 Lisa Anne Dahlmeyer
US3793wife Jennifer Dahms
EN2009wife1 Nancy Carolina Dail 15 Jan 1928
US5513wif1 Adaline Dailey
SH235ahusb Joseph L. Dailey BEF 20 Jan 1920
EN2334chusband1 Joseph W. Dailey
SH353wife1 Susan Dailey
US2497 Antoinette Daily 1909
US2498 Ellen Daily
UNIR52husb Francis M. Daily
US2496 George Henry Daily
US2495 Jane Eliza Daily 26 Aug 1849
SH193ahusb Peter Daily

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