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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
LM8fspouse Delber Babb
US9633spouse Lee Babb
US3786spouse1 Frances M. Babbit 1945
Jane Babbitt Jane Babbitt 23 Aug 1883
US623spouse Adella Babcock 12 Dec 1909
US3017spouse Alfreda Babcock
US2079 Almas M. Babcock 1872
US1314 Charles Henry Babcock
US881spouse Charles Irving Babcock
OT3471 Elizabeth Babcock
SH449spouse Emily A. Babcock
US1728spouse1 Eudora Babcock 4 May 1889
US2086 Francis E. Babcock
US1316 Frederick I. Babcock
US1315 Grace E. Babcock
US2085 Henry Babcock
OT3461 James Babcock 17 Jan 1736/1737
SH24aspouse1 Levi Babcock
US1313 Lillian Babcock
US2079b Louisa C. Babcock
US2084 Marcus S. Babcock
US2079a Mary E. Babcock
SH405spouse Myra T. Babcock 11 Oct 1912
US6759spouse Zoa Babcock 27 May 1942
US2361spouse Linda Kinney Babis
UNUS2214aspouse Mark Babler
US9293 Gladys Baca
US9291 Janet Elaine Baca
US9287spouse Nicolas Baca
US9292 Rick Baca

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