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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
UNUS2976 Amiela J
UNUS2393aspouse1 C J
CMP85 J. A. Hungerford & Sons
CMP76 J. H. Hungerford Confectionary
CMP8 J. Hungerford Smith Co.
IR2236spouse Robyn Jane Jabour
US7990 Alan Whaley Jack
US4038spouse Albert Elmer Jack 14 Nov 1941
US7982c Andrea Jack
US7988c Andrea Lynn Jack
US7982b Anne Marie Jack
US7991 Charles Marshall Jack
US7988 Donald Stanley Jack
US4148 Elmer Simmons Jack 18 Mar 1958
US7982 Frederick Porter Jack
US4149b Grace Louise Jack
US4152 Grace Stanley Jack 3 Jan 2007
US4148b Joan Renee Jack
US4149 John Marshall Jack
OT1040 Louisa Dunsterville Jack 4 Jun 1827
US4151 Margaret Ellen Jack 16 Dec 1997
US4150 Mary Louise Jack 27 Apr 1982
IR1651spouse1 Maureen Carmel Jack
US4149c Melissa Ann Jack
US7988a Meredith Lucile Jack
US7989 Meredith Marshall Jack
US4147 Morris Stanley Jack 11 Nov 1981
US4149a Nancy Carol Jack
US7982a Rhetta Lynn Jack
US4148a Ruth Frances Jack

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