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ID First Name Last Name Death
M155ahusb Pace
M157 Adam Pace
US10597 Ethel Pace
EN2495wife1 Eva M. Pace 10 Dec 1928
EN2890husband1 Joseph Leon Pace
M156 Joy Pace
M158 Mark Pace
US10596 Melba V. Pace
M159 Scotty Pace
US2891ahusband1 Unknown Pace
US10914wife1 Emily Paddison
US764 Paddock
US719 Bertha Ladd Paddock
US7741 Chester Harvey Paddock
US7740 Clara Mabel Paddock
US7737 Cora Alice Paddock
US630ahusb Edgar Paddock
SH194wife Eliza Paddock 18 Mar 1860
US7739 Ernest Edward Paddock
US631bhusb George Paddock 15 May 1917
US779c Helen Dodge Paddock 22 Aug 1931
US779husbd Jerome Alfred Paddock 9 Mar 1866
US964ahusband1 Joseph Paddock
US7633ehus Judson Conrad Paddock
US765 Katie Paddock
US7736 Lena May Paddock 26 Apr 1871
US7742 Lucy Elizabeth Paddock 10 Jan 1891
US779b May Paddock Mar 1934
US718 Monica Ruth Paddock
US779a Rena Paddock 4 Jan 1920

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