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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
CMP23 M. L. Hungerford
UNUS437cspouse Mabbet
US1726spouse Sophia Maria Mabbs 25 Jan 1916
M1001spouse Ashley Mabee
US5490spouse1 Joyce Maberry
EN2926 Edward Thomas Mabley
EN2927 Lois Minter Mabley
EN2921spouse1 Thomas Mabley
EN2928 William Andrew Mabley 17 May 1929
IR58aspouse1 Charles Walter William Macarthur 30 Jun 1882
IR1953 Charles William Hungerford Macarthur 12 Jul 1966
US9372spouse4 Mary Catherine Macarthur
US10452aspouse Macauley
US2115 Helen MacBain
US2111spouse John MacBain 26 May 1963
US2116 Margaret Jean MacBain
US2114 Marion Agnes Louise MacBain 27 Dec 2000
US133bspouse Albert James MacBrien
US166 James Michael MacBrien
US168 Janice Lynn MacBrien
US167 Lewis Albert MacBrien
EN770spouse Donough MacCarthy
IR3741 Alyssa Colleen Macchi
IR3739 Gabriella Alexandria Lydia Macchi
IR3737aspouse John Peter Macchi
IR3740 Julian John Macchi
US7791 Linda Lou Macciocca
US7787bspouse Louis Macciocca
US7792 Mary Lou Macciocca
IR691aspouse David Alexander Macdonald

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