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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
UNUS2695 Bray J. W...
UNUS2272spouse Donald Wachtveitl
US12933bspouse2 Arthur M. Wackerbath
Amelia Lavy Waddell Amelia Lavy Waddell
IR2309spouse1 Dorothy Mosman Waddell 28 Oct 1972
UNUS416cspouse2 Unknown Waddle
OT3301 Alice Wade
IR5027 Allison Nicole Wade
EN1427spouse1 Charles Owen Wade
US7287 Clarence Arnold Wade
EN1429 Dare Sefton Myles Wade
US7288 Dorothy May Wade
EN1428 Geraldine Francis Wade
IR2414aspouse1 Graham Frederick Wade
IR5028 Jason Graham Wade
IR542spouse Marie J. Wade
MD202spouse Melissa Wade
US14638spouse3 Nellie L. Wade
SH426aspouse Roy Joseph Wade BEF 15 Aug 1996
US10709spouse2 Sarah Jane Wade
US797b Alice Hope Wadsworth
US796b Alice Maud Wadsworth 13 Nov 1917
US780spouse Amos Milton Wadsworth 5 Jan 1904
US13183 Augusta Wadsworth
US13182 Augustus Wadsworth 29 Jun 1868
IR2359 Charlotte Alison Wadsworth
US10555spouse1 David Wadsworth
US2316spouse1 Eliza Jane Wadsworth
US797a Elizabeth Anne Wadsworth
IR2358 Georgina Susan Wadsworth

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