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ID First Name Last Name Death
US818spouse Maggie Mae La Follette BEF 7 Dec 2009
UNEN313spouse Maria Margaret La Primaudaye
US11523 Jeff LaBella
US11522 Justin LaBella
US11521aspouse1 Unknown LaBella
SH1470spouse1 Carol A Labore
US5890spouse1 Paulette Labourne
SH1239spouse Barbara R. LaBrecque 2007
US7804 Allan David Lacey
US7787espouse David Lacey 5 Oct 2011
IR4085spouse Elizabeth Lack
M321spouse Ann Lackey
US11850 Clyde Lackey
US10938cspouse1 Joseph Lackey 4 Apr 1902
US11851 Joseph Lackey
US11853 Mary Lackey
US11852 Sylvester Lackey 11 Nov 1896
US11854 Walter Lackey
SH1314spouse Carol Lacy
US14079cspouse1 Charles Ladd
EN1547spouse1 Cornelia Masters Ladd
SH137spouse4 Dorcas Ladd
EN2183spouse1 Esther Ladd 19 Dec 1816
US631spouse Matilda R. Ladd Mar 1918
LM222spouse Edise Marie Ladet
US4945 Betty Ann Ladue
US4946 Donald Ladue
SH860bspouse2 Eugene Ladue
US12883spouse1 Steve LaFar
US4880 Gary Lafrenz

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