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ID First Name Last Name Death
IR3156ahus Gerald Udal
US3277hus2 Uhl
98.7 Christina Uhl
IR822wife Ruth Honor Uhlerr
US10902wife1 Elizabeth Uhlhorne
EN1990wife1 Unknown Uknown
M115wife Susan Ullom
US13328bhusband1 Harold Brewer Ulm Aug 1978
US13399 Maudine Cora Ulm
EN2161 Anne-Marie Umphries
EN2137ahusband1 Claude M. Umphries
EN2159 Monica Lynn Umphries
EN2162 Sue Umphries
EN2160 Todd Umphries
US4994wife Betty-Jo Underwood
US3964husb C. Milton Underwood
US11361husband1 Earl H. Underwood
IR2047wife Gwen Mary Underwood 18 Jul 1989
US7676wife Mary J. Underwood
IR4131wife Martha Uniacke
US5901wife Unknown
US10561wife2 A. Unknown
US10879wife1 Adelaide Unknown
M671wife1 Aeja Unknown
UNEN583wife1 Agnes Unknown Aft. 1335
UNUS2610wife1 Alice Unknown 26 Feb 1937
US12038wife1 Amanda Unknown
US12074wife1 Amanda Unknown
US7270wife2 Amanda M. Unknown
US3817wife1 Amber Unknown

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