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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
EN1791espouse1 Burt Unknown
SH1410spouse1 Candy Araujo Unknown
IR1547spouse1 Carla Unknown
USA179spouse1 Carla Unknown
SH1156spouse1 Carleta A. Unknown 1996
US8319spouse1 Carol P. Unknown
IR4507spouse1 Caroline Unknown
UNUS2393spouse1 Cathy Unknown
US6080spouse2 Caylee Unknown
UNUS2617spouse1 Charlotte Unknown
EN2774spouse1 Charlotte Unknown
US10847spouse1 Cheri Unknown
EN3245spouse1 Cheryl Unknown
US15151spouse1 Cheryl Unknown
UNUS2620spouse1 Christina Unknown
LM44spouse1 Christine Renee Unknown
US12661spouse1 Cindy Unknown
EN2773spouse1 Cindy Unknown
EN3264spouse1 Cindy Unknown
SH1335spouse2 Cindy Lee Unknown
EN1477spouse1 Clara Annie Unknown 1938
US13466spouse1 Claudia M. Unknown
IR4438spouse1 Connie Unknown
EN3195spouse1 Corinne Unknown
EN3260spouse1 Cyndi Unknown
US2430spouse1 Danette Unknown
EN3144spouse1 Daphne Unknown
US15078aspouse1 Dean Unknown
US12666spouse1 Deb Unknown
EN3216spouse1 Debbie Unknown

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