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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
US7270spouse2 Amanda M. Unknown
US3817spouse1 Amber Unknown
OT3044 Amber Unknown
UNUS2955spouse1 Amelia Unknown 30 Aug 1903
OT2830 Amelia Unknown
US12998spouse1 Amelia F. Unknown
US14784spouse2 Amy Unknown
US11957spouse1 Amy L. Unknown
M1405spouse1 Ana Unknown
OT6083 Andrea Unknown
EN1452spouse1 Angela Unknown
IR2203spouse2 Angela Unknown
US8977spouse1 Angie Unknown
OT3537 Ann Unknown 5 May 1675
IR2630spouse1 Ann Unknown 24 Sep 1864
UNEN634spouse1 Ann Unknown Aft 1705
OT3659 Anna Unknown
OT3604 Anna Unknown
UNUS934spouse1 Anna Unknown
IR4864 Anna Unknown
OT333 Anna Unknown
US3225spouse1 Anna Unknown
UNUS3000spouse1 anna Unknown
SH887spouse2 Anna B. Unknown
US11285spouse1 Anna E. Unknown
US3236spouse1 Anna F. Unknown
US14864a Anna Laura Unknown
US14367spouse1 Anna Maria Unknown
US3477spouse1 Anna W. Unknown
OT3741 Anne Unknown

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