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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
OT3481 Abigail Unknown AFT 1694
US10879spouse1 Adelaide Unknown
US14202spouse2 Adeline M. Unknown
LM613 Adelynn Unknown
M671spouse1 Aeja Unknown
OT5788 Agnes Unknown
OT3513 Agnes Unknown
OT3721 Agnes Unknown
OT3296 Agnes Unknown
OT3566 Agnes Unknown
UNEN583spouse1 Agnes Unknown Aft. 1335
EN17spouse1 Ainulph Unknown Bef 1525
IR5101spouse1 Alan Unknown
US303spouse5 Alberta Unknown
OT540 Algean M. Unknown 1 Mar 2012
OT5870 Alice Unknown
OT5780 Alice Unknown
OT3692 Alice Unknown
OT3665 Alice Unknown
OT3706 Alice Unknown
OT3758 Alice Unknown ABT 1604
UNUS2610spouse1 Alice Unknown 26 Feb 1937
EN110spouse1 Alice Unknown
IR5521spouse1 Alice Marjorie Unknown
OT2351 Alison Unknown
US3209spouse1 Allison Unknown
US2030spouse1 Allyssa Unknown
OT68spouse1 Alyssa Unknown
US12038spouse1 Amanda Unknown
US12074spouse1 Amanda Unknown

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