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Add New Individuals
ID First Name Last Name Death
UNEN576spouse1 Emily Unknown
OT51 Emma Unknown
EN2019spouse1 Emma D. Unknown
US12443spouse1 Estelle Unknown
EN1893spouse1 Estelle Mary Unknown
US10719spouse2 Esther H. Unknown
US11327spouse1 Florence M. Unknown
EN1879spouse2 Frances Linda Unknown 29 Feb 1956
US6336spouse Francine Lavern Unknown
EN2544spouse1 Fredrica A. Unknown 10 Dec 2005
EN1682spouse1 Gai Unknown
EN1272spouse1 Gladys Unknown 1964
EN1913spouse1 Gwen Unknown
UNUS2734spouse1 Harriet Unknown
US1930spouse Harriet Amabel Unknown 10 Sep 1963
US13374spouse2 Harriett Unknown
LM567spouse1 Heidi Unknown
UNEN543spouse1 Helen (Elena) Unknown
LM568spouse1 Holly Unknown
IR1504spouse1 Ian Unknown
IR1285spouse1 Irene Unknown
EN1316spouse1 Ivy Unknown 1953
spouse1 J. H. Unknown
US6037aspouse1 Jaelin Unknown
US10611spouse3 Jane Unknown
US8260spouse1 Jane Unknown
US13517spouse1 Janet Unknown
EN2722spouse1 Janet Unknown
US13613spouse1 Janiece L. Unknown
US11020spouse1 Jayme Unknown

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