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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
US7806spouse1 Anne Unknown
EN3227spouse1 Annette Unknown
USA220spouse1 Annie Unknown
US3612spouse1 Antoinette Unknown
OT5777 Arabella Unknown
IR3219spouse1 Areta T. Unknown
IR2565spouse1 Arlene Norma Unknown
SH226spouse2 Asenith Unknown
EN3406spouse1 Audra Unknown
SH481spouse2 Avis Winifred Unknown
US7492spouse1 Barbara Unknown
US7916spouse Barbara Unknown
US8860spouse1 Barbara Unknown
IR4440spouse1 Barbara Unknown
US15493spouse1 Barbara Unknown
OT5959 Barbara Unknown
US11227spouse1 Barbara A. Unknown
US8414spouse1 Barbara G. Unknown 27 Sep 2018
SH1162spouse2 Barbara S. Unknown
EN3400spouse1 Beatrice Unknown
UNUS2985spouse1 Becca Unknown
US4784spouse2 Becky Unknown
IR5087spouse1 Belinda Unknown
IR212aspouse Benjamin Unknown
US14565spouse1 Bertha A. Unknown 20 Jan 1967
US2848spouse1 Bertha Pearl Unknown
US12434spouse1 Bessie Unknown
US8838spouse Beth Unknown
SH1077wfe3 Betty Unknown
EN2000spouse1 Betty Unknown

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