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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
LM362spouse1 Etta Joyce Nabours
UNUS210cspouse Nacovitch
M270 Christine Nacovitch
UNUS210cspouse1 Frederick Nacovitch 23 Sep 2010
M268 Frederick Charles Nacovitch 3 Aug 2013
M274 Jason Nacovitch
M267 Jeanmarie Nacovitch
M275 Ryan Nacovitch
M269 Theresa Nacovitch
IR986aspouse William John Nadin 11 Sep 2007
OT1128 Chanpura Nak
IR1219spouse1 Kaylee Nalder
IR2154spouse1 Jane Susan Nankervis
UNUS1911spouse Gene Nannetti
UNIR17aspouse Naper
UNIR291 Helen Naper
UNIR290 William Naper
EN718 Napier
EN719 Napier
US8311 Napier BEF 23 Apr 1910
US1575spouse Alexander James Napier 1953
US8310 Coleman G. Napier
EN717 Edward Delaval Hungerford Elers Napier 19 Jun 1870
US8309 Elbert Napier
IR952spouse Elizabeth Ann Napier
US1044aspouse George L. Napier 9 Jan 1928
UNUS2821spouse1 Rose Marie Napolitano
US13910spouse1 Sophia Napp
EN1333a Ella Frances Emma Napper 1892
EN298cspouse1 James Napper 1827

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