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ID First Name Last Name Death
EN1847wife1 Helen A'Beckett
IR1866wife1 Suzanna A’Loia
US11606 Albert E. Abbey
US11605 Myrta M. Abbey
US1467wife Nancy Abbey
US11037wife1 Rosanna S. Abbey 17 Apr 1894
US11037wife2 Vashti Naome Abbey 1915
US10635bhusband1 William E. Abbey
SH677wife Alice Maria Abbott
SH1200ahus Bobbie Abbott
US2710 Charles Abbott
IR4232 Chloe Emma Abbott
US393husbd David Abbott
US2183husb Edward R. Abbott
SH147ahusb Ezra B. Abbott
IR4233 Georgia Courtenay Abbott
US2318wife Isabella Kendrick Abbott
IR1392husb James Hayden Abbott
US6549ahus John M. K. Abbott
US3819 Lesa Abbott
US2709 Lottie Abbott
US3818 Monica Abbott
US3821 Robert Abbott
US3820 Wendy Abbott
US6767wife Helen Cora Abel
US5897wife Krista Abel
US4883a Allison Abell
US8418 Brian Bert Abell
SH809ahusb Charles Ethelbert Abell 28 Apr 1968
US4883 Charles Ethelbert Abell 7 Dec 2013

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