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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
UNUS1512 Erin Zafuta
UNUS416cspouse3 Ronald Harold Zafuta
M656dspouse Frank Zaleski
US13634bspouse1 Simeon Zane
US13661 Suzanne Zane 2 Sep 2012
SH1134spouse1 Rose Zanka 16 May 1945
US10163 John Sheaff Zantzinger 20 Feb 1992
SH348bspouse William Henry Zantzinger 16 Apr 1952
EN3061spouse1 Irma Zapata
SH1467spouse Patricia Rene Zarate
IR2200spouse Charlotte Elizabeth Zarczynski
IR1628spouse2 Phyllis Zeck 1988
US6301 Zeh
US6294 Donald Zeh
US6316spouse Dorothy A. Zeh 23 Feb 1984
US6292 Elias Zeh BEF 1 Jun 1979
US6293 Elizabeth Zeh
US694bspouse Peter Jay Zeh
SH849aspouse2 Frank Zeis
UNIR69spouse Michael Zelenak
M95spouse Monica Zeleske
US15622bspouse1 Don Zellner
US15629 Eden Zellner
US4871spouse1 Gloria Zepp
EN2608spouse1 Azelia Caroline Zerega 19 May 1911
IR5320spouse1 Tarik Zerkti
IR4350 Atilla Justin Zeytenli
IR4345bspouse1 Mustafa Mehmet Zeytenli
IR4349 Tanner Orien Zeytenli
IR1745spouse1 Zheng Ping Zheng

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