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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
US9327 Alexander Yager
US7793spouse Alice Jane Yager 28 Aug 2004
US9326 Andrew Yager
US9322 Betty Yager BEF 21 Jan 2015
US389espouse2 Clifford E. Yager
US9319 Cllfford E. Yager
US9324 Darrell Yager
US388spouse Florence Yager 21 Aug 1941
US9320 Francis D. Yager
US3669aspouse George L. Yager
US9323 James E. Yager 21 Jan 2015
US9325 Robert Yager
US9321 Wayne A. Yager
IR4402 Denise Patricia Yandell
IR4401b Hayley Janet Yandell
IR4401a Kate Michelle Yandell
IR4401 Kevin Vincent Yandell
IR4397 Susan Mary Yandell
IR1596cspouse Vivian Vincent Edward Yandell
IR4405 Vivien Lesley Yandell
M225spouse Yant
US3885spouse Carlton Yara
US3886 Chase Yara
US3887 Parker Yara
US10777spouse1 Mary E. Yarborough
PLC23 Hungerford Yard
SH967spouse1 Zora Katherine Yarling 1904
UNUS1104cspouse Tom Yarnell
US6683 Alan Yates
EN1200a Ann Yates 4 Dec 1734

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