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ID First Name Last Name Death
THG57 Hungerford Academy
US10693wife1 Sadie Acer 23 Dec 1962
US10849 Victor Adna Acer Nov 1964
US10725ahusband1 Volney A. Acer 6 Feb 1958
IR4010 Blake William Achilles
IR1062husb Damien Charles Achilles
US5383wife Emily Ackerly
US6724dhus Harma W. Ackerman
US10805wife1 Hannah Alaice Ackerson 17 Nov 1956
IR3409ahu2 John Ackland
IR3507 Nicholas Ackland
US12831ahusband1 Henry Clay Ackley
US2096wife1 Ann Ackley
US13291 Carrie A. Ackley 17 Dec 1870
SH447bhusb Charles Ernest Ackley
M1274husbd Charles Ernest Ackley
US7545wif1 Clara Ackley 14 Mar 1828
SH1191bhu2 Clayton Ackley
US9316 Dwight E. Ackley 8 Jul 1975
M1276 Dwight E. Ackley
US1378 Elizabeth Ackley
US938wife1 Hannah Ackley 24 Jun 1790
US9318 James M. Ackley
US956wife1 Lucy Ackley 2 Aug 1811
US9315 Margaret E. Ackley
M1275 Margaret E. Ackley
US959wife Olive Ackley 12 Sep 1840
US1410wife1 Olive Ackley 4 Feb 1854
US1377 Samuel Ackley
M1277 Wayne H. Ackley

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