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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
US2157bspouse Alfred Abernathy
US1232 Christine Elizabeth Abernathy
US1231 James Abernathy
SH1491aspouse Ronald Abernathy
IR1593spouse Cecil W. Abernethy 8 Jun 1970
IR4416 Frank William Tudor Abernethy 18 Oct 1967
EN2478spouse1 Margaret Marie Abildskov
US53bspouse1 Scott J. Abler
IR232aspouse1 Athol Denis Abrahams
IR3062 Katharine Jane Abrahams
SH1386aspouse1 Bob Abrahamson
US5319 Mara Joan Abrahamson
US5318 Nathan Trent Abrahamson
US9700 Abrams
US9698 Bradley Eugene Abrams
US9432spouse1 Eugene Abrams
US6220spouse Myrtle E. Abrams
US9699 Paul Lee Abrams
THG57 Hungerford Academy
US10693spouse1 Sadie Acer 23 Dec 1962
US10849 Victor Adna Acer Nov 1964
US10725aspouse1 Volney A. Acer 6 Feb 1958
IR4010 Blake William Achilles
IR1062spouse Damien Charles Achilles
US5383spouse Emily Ackerly
US6724dspouse Harma W. Ackerman
US10805spouse1 Hannah Alaice Ackerson 17 Nov 1956
IR3409aspouse2 John Ackland
IR3507 Nicholas Ackland
US12831aspouse1 Henry Clay Ackley 1920

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