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ID First Name Last Name Death
US12789ahusband1 William Porter Adams
US1205ahu1 William Richard Adams
SH810fhusb William Walter Adams 1982
EN3007 Wilson Paul Adams
IR2004wife Betty Louise Murray Adamson
EN1573wife1 Margaret Mary Adamson 1894
UNUS1952hu Adcock
UNUS1958 Matthew Adcock
UNUS1957 Michael Adcock
SH501bhusb Charles Edward Adderly
US6539 Henry Kenneth Adderly
US6540 John Adderly
SH1307wif2 Sue Addis
PLC15 Hungerford's Addition
US1813 Albert Wadsworth Adee
US1811 Horace Harvey Adee
US1814 John Hanover Adee
US1807ahus John Nichols Adee
US1812 Malcom Byers Adee 19 Apr 1926
US7134husb Adjemian
US7135 William Matthew Adjemian
US10081 Dean Adkins
US10076 Donald Lee Adkins
US10079 Janet Adkins
US10077 Judith Kay Adkins
M850wife Pamela Adkins
US10080 Pamela Adkins
US10078 Patty Adkins
US741husbd Ulysses Grant Adkins Bef 7 Apr 1930
US10073hus Vernon Talmadge Adkins 2 Feb 1961

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