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ID First Name Last Name Death
US10079 Janet Adkins
US10077 Judith Kay Adkins
M850wife Pamela Adkins
US10080 Pamela Adkins
US10078 Patty Adkins
US741husbd Ulysses Grant Adkins Bef 7 Apr 1930
US10073hus Vernon Talmadge Adkins 2 Feb 1961
US10011hus Adkinson
US9525 Lisa Adkinson
UNUS899wf2 Ethel Hannah Adler 25 May 1963
IR3378husb Carlo Adly
US4674wife2 Laura Elizabeth Advey
EVNT12 The Battle of Agincourt
UNEN504wife1 Christianne Agnew
US5462 Agurkis
IR3607 Clayton Ahearn
IR3608 Sarah Ahearn
IR442husbd Stephen Ahearn
US4373wife Ruth Ahern
US4915 Kenneth Ahmay
SH812dhus2 M. Ahmay
US4916 Patricia Ahmay
US4914 Theresa Ahmay
SH1564wif1 Barbra Ahola
IR2145wife Kathleen Clare Ahrens
US2114husb Donald Leatham Aiken 3 Nov 2004
US8212 Norlaine Aiken
US6856wife Gertrude Aikens Jun 1987
IR282wife Lynette Aikins
IR4137wife Patricia Aikman

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