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Richard W. Hungerford, Jr. initiated the THFFI database of Hungerfords dating back to the 1200s and their descendants down to and including living persons regardless of surname, as well as a large collection of photographs, bibles, manuscripts and other materials that he has contributed to the Foundation over time. Click here for the Background behind development of the database as well as an explanation of its features, particularly with respect to the rationale for, and meaning of, the reference numbers (REFNs) assigned to each person in the database.

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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
IR4658 Brody Kavanagh
EN4193 Cheyenne Vaire Kavanagh
IR4653 David John Kavanagh
EN4188spouse2 Gerard Martin Kavanagh
IR4652 Hector John Kavanagh 27 Feb 2009
IR4654 John Patrick Kavanagh
IR4654a Kylie Kavanagh
IR4656 Reece Dylan Kavanagh
IR4657 Rian Luke Kavanagh
IR4652a Ruby Louise Kavanagh
EN4194 Ryan Francis Kavanagh
SH894spouse2 Ella Kay
EN3097spouse1 Gary Kay
OT3149 Martha Matilda Kay 9 Oct 1922
EN6928aspouse1 Lawrence Ughtred Kay-Shuttleworth 1917
EN6946 Richard Ughtred Paul Kay-Shuttleworth 1940
EN6948 Ronald Orlando Lawrence Kay-Shuttleworth 1942
EN6947 Rosemary Florence Angela Kay-Shuttleworth
EN6662spouse2 Francis Richard Rusby Kaye
IR981spouse1 Clare Violet Kayser 25 Jan 1965
US6093spouse1 Lawrence Kazakoff
US1256spouse1 Helga Elfriede Kazubski
US3383spouse1 Clara Kealer
IR3385 Aaron Keane
IR3377spouse1 John Keane
IR3384 Nita Keane
IR3386 Tessa Keane
EN115spouse1 John Kearne
EN1461spouse1 Nelcie Kearney 27 Mar 1917
VA31spouse1 Richard Kearney

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