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Richard W. Hungerford, Jr. initiated the THFFI database of Hungerfords dating back to the 1200s and their descendants down to and including living persons regardless of surname, as well as a large collection of photographs, bibles, manuscripts and other materials that he has contributed to the Foundation over time. Click here for the Background behind development of the database as well as an explanation of its features, particularly with respect to the rationale for, and meaning of, the reference numbers (REFNs) assigned to each person in the database.

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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
UNIR52spouse1 Francis M. Daily Bef 1 Mar 1915
US2496 George Henry Daily
US2495 Jane Eliza Daily 26 Aug 1849
UNIR565 John F. Daily
OT6157 Mary Martha Daily
UNIR568 Paul J. Daily
SH193aspouse1 Peter Daily
UNIR567 Ruth B. Daily
EN3107spouse1 Unknown Daines
SH601spouse1 Angeline C. Dains 23 Apr 1909
EN9487cspouse1 Basil Bannister Daish
OT2881 Hannah Elsinore Daish 7 Mar 1944
SH285cspouse1 Abram Miller Dake 27 Jan 1948
US3285a Dorothy Virginia Dake
US3285 Fred Lee Dake 30 Jul 1956
EN2532spouse1 Mary A. Dake
US3286 Milton E. Dake
US3287 Rose Dake
US3288 Virgil Donald Dake 27 Feb 1910
US3284 Virgil Hungerford Dake 18 Feb 1950
OT6299 Grace Nancy Daker 8 Jul 1965
OT6311 James Daker 1 Aug 1878
EN749spouse1 Margaret Dakin
EN19488 John Henry Dalbiac
EN19489 Archibald Francis Dalbiac
EN19509 Charles James S. Dalbiac
EN19487 Charles William Dalbiac 1906
EN19491c Cicely Florence Dalbiac
EN19487a Cordelia Mary Dalbiac
EN19491a Elizabeth Mary Dalbiac 1977

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