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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
US2730spouse (Unknown)
SH628spouse (Unknown)
UNUS293spouse1 (Unknown) ABT 1881
USA54spouse (Unknown)
SH530bspouse1 (Unknown)
UNUS345spouse (Unknown)
UNIR87spouse (Unknown) BEF 7 Jun 1900
UNUS627spouse1 (Unknown)
UNUS819spouse1 (Unknown)
UNUS850spouse1 (Unknown) BEF 11 Jun 1900
UNUS851spouse (Unknown)
MD122spouse (Unknown)
UNUS885spouse (Unknown)
USA59spouse1 (Unknown)
UNUS899spouse1 (Unknown)
US2469spouse1 (Unknown)
UNIR118spouse (Unknown)
UNIR119spouse (Unknown)
UNIR120spouse (Unknown)
UNUS994spouse (Unknown)
UNUS849spouse (Unknown)
US3146spouse (Unknown)
UNUS2026spouse (Unknown)
US3206spouse (Unknown)
UNEN53aspouse (Unknown)
US3237spouse2 (Unknown)
US3245spouse (Unknown)
US3277spouse4 (Unknown)
US3279spouse3 (Unknown)
US3303spouse (Unknown)

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