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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
US13238 Rettie Camilla Wiseman
IR2017 Robert David Wiseman
IR2016c Robyn Maree Wiseman
IR2016 Thomas Maxwell Wiseman
US12742aspouse1 William Garrett Wiseman
US9613 Wisker
US9610 Elizabeth Ann Wisker
US9603bspouse J. Herbert Wisker
US13159bspouse1 Herbert Wisner
US2695 Anna Risley Witheford
US2700 Bernice Augusta Witheford 23 Apr 1893
US2728 Byron M. Witheford
US2698 Carrie Frances Witheford 16 Dec 1965
US2694 Catherine Fellows Witheford
US2729 Fern Witheford
US2697 Francis Statrio Witheford
US2692 James Edward Witheford 29 Oct 1940
US2658spouse John Edwin Witheford
US2701 John Frankland Witheford 27 Aug 1918
US2696 Margaret Chase Witheford
US2692a Mary Witheford
US2693 Mary E. Witheford 5 Jul 1967
US2699 Sylvia Miles Witheford 13 Apr 1983
US2691 William Erwin Witheford 15 Jun 1872
EN398spouse1 Elizabeth Wither 1655
UNUS666spouse1 Helen M. Witherell 1897
IR3704spouse Maureen Anita Witheriff
EN1990aspouse1 Dustin Witherington
EN1993 Lillian Witherington
UNUS1817bspouse Withers

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