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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
US2966spouse Eddie
US2856spouse Edith
US5417spouse Edith
US3016spouse Edith BEF 12 Apr 1930
US1582spouse Edith L. 1971
US5362spouse Edna
M592spouse Edna
M723spouse Edna
US10117spouse Edna
UNUS1356spouse Edna L.
UNUS714spouse2 Effie I.
US7441spouse Eileen
US6602spouse Elaine
US9975spouse Elaine C.
M408spouse Eleanor 12 Dec 2006
US8588spouse2 Eleanor
UNEN379spouse Eleanor ABT 1592
US10163spouse Eleanor
UNEN360spouse Eleanor Ann
US5572spouse Eleanor M.
UNEN473spouse Eleanora
UNCA18spouse1 Electa A.
US4393spouse1 Elena
UNUS301spouse Elisabeth 12 Aug 1881
M31spouse Elisabeth C. 16 May 1999
VA1spouse Eliza
US2144spouse Eliza
UNUS354cpn Eliza
SH270spouse Eliza
US2656spouse Eliza

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