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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
OT2296 Penelope Ginger Wykeham-Fiennes
OT2298 Thomas Louis Wykeham-Fiennes
OT2302 William Anthony Wykeham-Fiennes
IR644spouse Dorothy Ellen Leah Wylie 4 Dec 2008
SH1014spouse2 Patricia J. Wylie
UNEN749spouse1 Hephzibah Wyman
US7585spouse Wymore
EN523 Edward Wyndham
EN525 Elizabeth Wyndham
EN526 Frances Wyndham
EN522 Hugh Wyndham
EN527 Joan Wyndham
EN520 John Wyndham
EN524 Rachel Wyndham
EN230spouse William Wyndham Oct 1683
EN521 William Wyndham
US10677spouse1 Henry Wynkoop
SH1378spouse2 Ryan Wynn
OT1332 Elizabeth Mary Wynne 24 May 1876
IR1488aspouse1 Alan Hammond Claude Wynter 1 Apr 1992
IR1503 Caroline Katie Jean Wynter
US143 Dale Wysluzaly
US169 James Anthony Wysluzaly
US170 Kenneth Wysluzaly
US141 Kenneth James Wysluzaly
US141a Melissa Wysluzaly
US142 Rose Ann Wysluzaly 2 Mar 2012
US130aspouse Victor Anthony Wysluzaly
US140 Victor Anthony Wysluzaly 25 Apr 1945
US9327 Alexander Yager

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