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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
US15432 Charlotte Warren
US15437a Clara Marie Warren 17 Nov 2016
US15436 Clyde Arthur Warren 27 Aug 1891
IR5007 Craig Warren
US1023spouse David Hard Warren
IR2412aspouse1 Desmond Leslie Warren
US15435a Elouise Sheldon Warren 23 Aug 1930
US15433b Erma Warren 12 Mar 1971
US15433a Estella Warren 15 Mar 1983
US1609aspouse Franklin R. Warren
US15435 Harry Rosswell Warren 27 Sep 1969
US15434 Ida Warren 1870
MD9spouse Jane Warren 1795
US15438 Jesse Elvin Warren
EN2953spouse1 Joan Shirley Warren
UNUS737spouse1 Kate M. Warren
IR5004 Keith Warren
US11079spouse1 Lealdus N. Warren
UNUS355cspouse Leonidas Warren
IR5006 Linda Warren
US15437b Lola S. Warren 5 Feb 2014
US13933spouse1 Margaret Warren
US633spouse1 Mary Ann Warren 8 Nov 1917
US11649 Mary E. Warren
US11648 Nellie Alice Warren
OT169 Nicholas Alan Warren
US15438a Patricia Ann Warren
OT168 Robert Warren
US8188spouse1 Ruth Warren
US15433 Seth Douglas Warren 12 Mar 1925

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