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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
EN748spouse Frances Walsingham
IR2099aspouse1 Geoffrey Alan Walster
IR4807 Jackson Hales Walster
IR4808 Piper Harpley Walster
OT869 Catherine Waltemeir 1852
OT870 George Waltemeir
EN1536spouse1 Betty Walter
US1802 Emma Laura Walter
US1025aspouse George Walter
US213spouse1 Mabel Loraine Walter
EN298spouse Martha Walter 3 May 1832
US6639spouse Richard Walter
William Walter William Walter
SH1500cspouse Walters
US10234spouse Blanche Verle Walters 13 Apr 2003
UNUS2743 David M. Walters
OT2656 Emily Louise Walters 7 Oct 1963
IR4112 Jackson Kail Walters 26 Sep 2002
IR4113 Jasmin Leah Walters 26 Sep 2002
UNUS2749 Jeannie Aleta Walters
UNUS2735spouse1 John Augustine Walters 29 Jun 1995
UNUS2736 John Augustine Walters 9 Mar 2005
IR1128bspouse2 Justin Kail Walters
IR3762 Martin Peter Walters
IR3755spouse Peter Ernest Walters
IR3758 Phillip Leslie Walters
IR2737 Sebastian Kail Walters
UNEN147spouse Susan M. Walters
IR2915spouse1 Susan M. Walters
IR3759 Tania Gay Walters

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