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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
UNUS1811w2 Elsa
US3111spouse Elsie
US9359spouse Elsie
US8926spouse Elsie G.
UNUS826spouse Elsie M.
UNUS8spouse Elva M. 1961
USA36spouse Elvira
LM450spouse2 Elvira S.
US8477spouse Elyda
UNUS898spouse2 Elza
US2406spouse Emeline
US1360spouse Emeline
UNUS1983spouse Emiline A. 16 May 1915
SH373spouse2 Emily
US5695spouse Emily
US9047spouse1 Emily
UNEN522spouse Emily
US9568spouse Emily A.
US6162spouse Emily Eldora 26 Mar 1977
Emily J. Emily J. 17 Mar 1894
UNEN361spouse3 Emily Mary Harriet
US1197spouse2 Emma
UNUS579spouse Emma
UNUS2025w1 Emma
UNUS1859spouse Emma
USA93spouse Emma
GER15spouse Emma
UNUS752spouse Emma F.
SH820spouse Emma J. BEF 11 Apr 1930
UNUS683spouse Emma L.

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