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ID First Name Last Name Death
US6246spouse Wilhemmina
SH868spouse Willie B. 11 Jul 1957
US2277spouse Winifred E.
US7794spouse Winter
US9101spouse Yolanda
US7762spouse Yong Cha
USA150spouse Yvette
IR2294spouse Yvonne BEF 11 Aug 2011
US9320spouse Yvonne
USA210spouse Yvonne
M864spouse Yvonne Miranda
23.7 Zerviah
US9411 Zev
US426spouse3 (Unknown)
SH150spouse1 (Unknown)
SH54cspouse2 (Unknown)
SH1442aspouse (Unknown)
SH312cspouse (Unknown)
MD57spouse1 (Unknown)
VA29spouse1 (Unknown)
IR6spouse1 (Unknown)
IR22spouse1 (Unknown)
IR175spouse (Unknown)
US756spouse (Unknown)
US756aspouse (Unknown)
US765spouse (Unknown)
US807spouse2 (Unknown)
US923spouse (Unknown)
7338.3 (Unknown)
7223.3 (Unknown)

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