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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
US14209b Dora Weld 24 Jan 1883
US14209 Edward Howland Weld 11 Apr 1881
US14532 Edward Howland Weld
US14536 Edward Lee Weld
US14208d Florence Ella Weld 1 Sep 1883
US14211e Frances Amelia Weld
US14525 Francis Eliot Weld Aug 1884
US14537 Frederick John Weld
US14207a Grace Emma Weld
US14209c Grace Mabel Weld 23 Feb 1882
US14529 Henry Daniel Weld
US14211c Jennie Almira Weld
US14211d Jessie Lina Weld 17 Aug 1872
US14535 John Bunn Weld 1 Aug 1875
US14211 John Mills Weld
US14211b Mary Elizabeth Weld
US14208a Mary Lee Weld
US14534 Maurice Daniel Weld
US14211g Nellie Adelia Weld
US14530 Otto Bunn Weld 20 Aug 1872
US14531 Otto Bunn Weld 13 Dec 1884
US14210 Sarah Jane Weld
US14211a Sarah Julia Weld
US14208c Stella Maud Weld
US14212 Unknown Weld 16 Feb 1840
US14213 Unknown Weld 20 Feb 1840
US14528 Walter Lee Weld
US14526 Warren Eugene Weld
US14207 William Henry Weld
US13196spouse1 Etta Welding

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