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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
EN1667spouse1 William R. J. Williamson 7 Nov 1954
US15125 Jonathan Willias
LM324spouse John Urban Williford
LM330 Tala Christine Williford
LM331 Caleb John Williford,
US5082 Ann DeForest Willis
US2072i Ann Elisabeth Willis 22 Oct 1918
US15126 Bailey Willis
US2072f Franc Emma Willis 17 May 1909
US1515spouse George Willis
US2075 George Herbert Willis
US2072g Gertrude Adelaide Willis
US2072d Grace Bell Willis 16 Sep 1915
US2072c Harriet Alice Willis
US2073 Independence Willis
EN2008spouse1 Isabel Willis 20 Apr 1913
US15127 Jacob Willis
US2074 Jared Jay Willis
US2072 Jared Quincy Willis 27 Oct 1902
US2070 Jay Angell Willis 14 Jan 1842
US2069 Jay Jabez Willis 27 Sep 1836
US2076 John Joseph Willis
SH84aspouse Joseph R. Willis 13 Aug 1895
US2072b Mary Amelia Willis 7 Jun 1875
US2071 Mary Angell Willis 19 Mar 1917
US2757spouse Minnie Willis 19 Sep 1945
US6237spouse Nellie Willis
US10809spouse1 Opal Orvetta Willis 23 Jul 1999
US2072e Phidella Angeline Willis 21 Apr 1891
SH1033bspouse Robert Calvin Willis 9 Feb 2014

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