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ID First Name Last Name Death
M128spouse1 Unknown
EN156spouse Ursula
378.13 Ursula BEF 22 May 1634
UNUS2525spouse V. J.
US2999spouse Val
UNUS1543spouse Valarae
US9296spouse Valerie
US9378spouse Valerie
US5305spouse Vallerie
US7486spouse Vanessa
US5198spouse Vanessa
US8720spouse Velma
US2344spouse Velta
Vera Vera
US415spouse Vera Elsie
UNUS9spouse Vera M.
US794spouse1 Verna
UNUS1969spouse Verna
US206spouse Verna E. Dec 1982
US5238spouse Veronica
US5754spouse2 Veronique
UNIR326spouse Veronique
US91spouse2 Vicki
IR2923spouse Vicki
M885spouse Vicki
M979spouse Vicki
B63spouse1 Victoria
US3540spouse Victoria
US7702spouse Vikki
UNUS42spouse Viola

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