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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
UNUS2911 Stephen Ward
US10855 Susan L. Ward 17 Apr 1889
US14658 Susan Maria Ward
EN1650 Sydney William Ward
UNUS2308 Thomas Lester Ward
EN1932 Unknown Ward
US2388 Vera Ward
UNUS1894 Vernon Ward BEF 29 Jun 2013
US2389a Virginia Ann Ward
UNUS1891 Walter Ward
EN1648spouse1 William Ward 1916
EN1657fspouse1 William Ward 1916
US14072cspouse1 William Ward
US14072dspouse1 William Ward
US13340spouse2 William Facey Ward 22 Apr 1969
EN1915 William Herbert Ward 1933
US10575spouse1 William W. Ward 16 Dec 1877
US4393spouse3 Peggy Warden
EN1344spouse1 Mary Gray Wardle
IR115spouse1 Alice Elizabeth Ann Wardrop 7 Sep 1925
US1948spouse Emma Wardwell 10 May 1895
US446spouse2 Frances Maureen Fitzgerald Ware
UNUS1446a2 Larry Ware
US446spouse2spouse1 Unknown Ware
THG42 Hungerford Grain Warehouse
UNUS1276 Warfield
UNUS576bh2 Charles Warfield
UNUS1278 Florence A. Warfield
EN1203spouse1 Rachel Warfield 1709
US3480aspouse Warfle

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