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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
US6191spouse Borghild
US6986spouse Brandy
M358spouse Brenda
US7304spouse Brenda
UNUS2604spouse Brenda
453.15 Bridget 6 Apr 1660
353.3 Bridget 12 May 1676
UNUS1653spouse Brie
M432spouse Brook
LM535spouse Cara
US6330spouse Carl
US10038spouse Carlene
US8233spouse Carly
US4886spouse Carol
US5340spouse Carol
US6894spouse Carol
US6958spouse Carol
US9201spouse Carol
US5945spouse Carole
SH1419spouse2 Caroleen
UNCA1spouse Caroline
UNCA8spouse Caroline
USA24spouse Caroline
US5086spouse2 Caroline
UNUS746spouse1 Caroline
UNUS2290spouse Caroline
US2858spouse1 Caroline C. 23 Jan 1871
UNUS2195spouse Caroline D.
M534spouse Caroline R.
UNIR25spouse2 Carolyn

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