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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
OT74 Alfred Willemijns Bef 15 Mar 2018
OT95 Emma Willemijns
OT76 Godlieva Willemijns Bef 15 Mar 2018
OT72 Henry Willemijns
OT75 Mariette Willemijns Bef 15 Mar 2018
OT73 Robert Jack Willemyns 15 Mar 2018
US938dspouse Alfred Willey 5 Jul 1830
SH63spouse Alice Willey 2 Aug 1836
US1666 Anson Willey
US1335bspouse1 Arthur Willey
US8351 Blake Willey
US10578 Caroline Willey
SH1spouse2 Hannah Willey ABT 1681
US8350a Jane Willey
US8350c Jill Willey BEF 12 Oct 2013
US10576 John Willey
US1665 Joseph Willey
UNEN273spouse Joseph M. Willey
US7533spouse1 Judah Willey 8 Apr 1783
US8350 Loren A. Willey 12 Oct 2013
US10570 Lovina Willey 6 May 1857
US901 Lydia Willey 14 Oct 1856
US3032spouse Lydia Willey 2 Aug 1833
US10575 Marcia Jane Willey 10 Jan 1892
US10572 Ogden Willey 30 Jun 1849
US10577 Olive Willey 29 Jun 1820
US10960spouse1 Olive Willey
US10571 Rebecca Willey 1 Mar 1882
US8350b Sarah Willey
SH391spouse1 Sarah Elizabeth Willey 1855

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