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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
MD100spouse1 Susan C. Unknown
US14208spouse2 Susan E. Unknown
SH1373spouse1 Susan E. Unknown
SH1454spouse1 Susan R. Unknown
IR2709spouse1 Susan Therese Unknown
EN3174spouse1 Susie Unknown
US7502spouse1 Suzanne G. Unknown
US13737spouse1 Suzette A. Unknown
US15269spouse1 Suzie Unknown
US12528spouse2 Sybil Unknown 9 Oct 1825
SH1545spouse2 Sylvia C. Unknown
US13614spouse1 Tammy Unknown
EN2733spouse1 Teresa Unknown
IR5500spouse1 Terry Unknown
US13135spouse1 Tobie Unknown
US4872spouse2 Tracey Unknown
IR547spouse1 Tracey Unknown
US8826spouse1 Trinity Unknown
EN3257spouse1 Tris Unknown
SH1584spouse1 Trish Unknown
SHspouse-1 Unknown Unknown
IR223aspouse Unknown Unknown
IR2707bspouse1 Unknown Unknown
IR238spouse1 Unknown Unknown
UNUS1780spouse Unknown Unknown
UNUS2968spouse1 Unknown Unknown
IR2868spouse1 Unknown Unknown
OT159 Unknown Unknown
OT213 Unknown Unknown
OT222 Unknown Unknown

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