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Surnames Index

ID First Name Last Name Death
IR2418spouse1 Pauline Margaret Unknown
EN1895spouse1 Pearl Eveline Unknown 1966
OT278 Peggy Unknown
US13374spouse1 Peggy Unknown
EN2776spouse1 Peggy Unknown
US4871spouse2 Peggy Unknown
UNUS2395spouse1 Peggy Unknown
IR5253spouse1 Phyliss Unknown
IR2564spouse1 Phyllis Joy Unknown
US12053spouse1 Polly Unknown
US13820spouse1 Polly Unknown
US13234spouse1 Priscilla Unknown
US13618 Reachel Unknown
US11950spouse2 Rebecca Unknown
US13751spouse4 Rebecca Unknown
US10066spouse1 Renalda Unknown
UNUS1817spouse1 Retia Unknown
US11234spouse1 Rexine E. Unknown
US8201spouse1 Rhea Pam Unknown
US5530spouse1 Rhoda Unknown
US14985spouse2 Rhoda A. Unknown
EN2875spouse1 Rhonda Unknown
OT997 Rita E. Unknown 1984
US15226spouse2 Roberta Unknown
IR5502spouse1 Rona Thelma Unknown
US11172spouse2 Rosa W. Unknown
IR2260spouse1 Rosemarie Unknown
EN3326spouse1 Rosemary Unknown
OT775 Rosie Unknown
US11396spouse1 Ruby Jeanette Unknown

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