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ID First Name Last Name Death
US13173 Barry Usher
US13159a Carol Usher
US12813a Carribel E. Usher
US12801 Chauncey A. Usher 5 Oct 1845
US12809a Cordelia R. Usher 1913
US12810 Devereaux William Usher 26 Feb 1901
US13161a Dorothy Usher 5 Mar 2015
US13161 E. Roland Usher 1988
US12813 Elbert Ernest Usher 15 Jul 1975
US13118 Ezra Corydon Usher 3 Mar 1897
US12799b Fanny M. Usher
US12799c Flora Anna Usher
US12806 Frederick Rosaloo Usher 1 Feb 1916
US194spouse Harris Usher
US12818 Horace Usher 29 Sep 1879
US13119 Horace Guert Gansevoort Usher
US13159c Janet Usher
US13018 Jonathan Usher 26 Dec 1839
US13019 Jonathan P. Usher 27 Nov 1836
US12813b Joy Usher
US13160 Lynn D. Usher
US13018a Maria Melissa Usher 12 Jan 1817
US12820a Martha Stacy Usher 31 Oct 1855
US12814 Marzo V. Usher
US12799 Newell F. Usher Mar 1870
US12818a Olive Lucyne Usher 7 May 1843
US12800 Ozro P. Usher 6 Jan 1848
US13174 Richard Usher
US12815 Richard F. Usher
US12523aspouse1 Robert Usher 27 Sep 1851

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