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The Foundation anticipates compiling a database of illnesses and causes of death reflected in death certificates and other records pertaining to Hungerfords and associated family names.

The expectation is that compilation of a large set of data likely will show patterns pointing to medical conditions that Members may want to investigate as medical risks affecting their own health.

The Foundation is soliciting expressions of interest from Members who could volunteer their time in the compilation of those records into the database.

Full Name Cause of Death Date of Death
Abell, Charles Ethelbert Complications of leukemia 7 Dec 2013
Abernathy, Kirk A. leukemia 5 Aug 1977
Abney-Hastings, Flora Paulyna Hetty Barbara Bright's Disease Apr 1887
Abney-Hastings, Ian Huddleston War related 11 Jul 1944
Abney-Hastings, Frank War wounds 1 Jun 1828
Adams, Terry Richard Murdered by drowing 10 Sep 1964
Adams, David Shane Murdered by drowing 10 Sep 1964
Adams, Unknown Stillborn 27 Feb 1932
Adams, Vern S. Drowned in an irrigation ditch 27 Apr 1951
Adams, John Francis Pancreatic Cancer 31 Aug 2018
Adlam, Daphne Rose Accident 16 Dec 1928
Ainsworth, James Lee Malarial Fever 28 Jun 1863
Allen, Cynthia Bilious congestive fever 8 May 1870
Allen, Sally E. Paralytic stroke 2 Jun 1897
Allonut, Rose Ann Malarial Fever 30 Nov 1900
Alston-Roberts-West, William Reginald James Killed in Action 1940
Amory, Ann Bilious fever 11 Sep 1834
Amstutz, Ella Pleural Pneumonia 10 Aug 1920
Anderson, Ina May Cerebral Hemorrhage 2 Mar 1935
Anderson, Phebe Automobile accident 16 Oct 1955
Andrews, Nellie Spinal trouble 26 Oct 1897
Angelo, Peter Robert David Drowning while attempting to rescue another person 21 Aug 1974
Annesley, Francis Killed in action in air combat 1914
Anstruther, Adrian Fagus Campbell From a fall 1932
Antis, Mabel typhoid fever and paralysis of the bowels 20 Dec 1905
Antis, Grace Diptheria 9 Dec 1892
Antler, Christopher Ryan Stillborn 14 Sep 1990
Arkwright, Henry Killed by an avalanche on Mont Blanc 13 Oct 1866
Arkwright, Francis Godfrey Bertram Killed in Action 1942
Arkwright, William Peter Bertram Accident 1962

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