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The Foundation anticipates compiling a database of illnesses and causes of death reflected in death certificates and other records pertaining to Hungerfords and associated family names.

The expectation is that compilation of a large set of data likely will show patterns pointing to medical conditions that Members may want to investigate as medical risks affecting their own health.

The Foundation is soliciting expressions of interest from Members who could volunteer their time in the compilation of those records into the database.

Full Name Cause of Death Date of Death
Bingham, Charles E. Diarrhea - Andersonville 29 Sep 1864
Bingham, Eliphalet Newell Killed in action 1 May 1864
Bingham, John Fuller Killed in action 17 Sep 1862
Birley, Rupert Oswald Robin Missing & presumed drown 1986
Birman, Durwood Dorr Killed Sep 1986
Bissell, John E. War wounds 8 Dec 1863
Blackett, Archibald Frederick Stewart Drowned while wildfowling 1970
Blakely, Mary May Chronic nephitis 23 Feb 1913
Blanchard, Sarah Elizabeth Heart attack 12 Dec 1943
Blizzard, Hannah Jane Paralysis 6 May 1917
Blundell-Hollinshead-Blundell, Bridget Gertrude Car crash 27 Feb 1956
Boggs, Robert Kenneth Heart attack 24 Oct 1967
Bohe, Donald E. Car-pedestrian accident 11 Jun 2006
Bond, Andra Charlene Complications related to cancer 22 Oct 2015
Bouck, Frank Walter Uremic Poisoning 6 Oct 1939
Bouverie-Pusey, Philip Stroke 9 Jul 1855
Bower, Mary Jane Suicide by self-inflicted carbon monoxide gas poisoning. 14 Sep 1958
Bowes-Lyon, Ernest Riding accident 27 Dec 1891
Bowes-Lyon, Susan Frances Drowned in the wreck of S.S. Sidon off Corunna, Spain 28 Oct 1885
Bowes-Lyon, John Patrick Killed in Action 1941
Boyd, Matilda Arl Heart Failure & myocardial insufficiency 25 Aug 1938
Boyle, Claude Richard Hungerford Wounds received on the Somme in WWI. 20 Nov 1917
Bradley, Clarence Carlton Pneumonia 4 Apr 1914
Brainard, Dorson B. Killed in Action 8 Jul 1944
Brainard, Owen Richard Acute myocardial infraction due to cardio vascular disease & cardiorenal failure; acute pancreatitis 26 Mar 1971
Brainard, Adaline Larretta Childbirth 13 Jul 1902
Brainerd, Hannah Hungerford Pulmonary Consumption 25 Oct 1859
Brainerd, Reuben Cancer 18 Nov 1859
Brainerd, Franklin Accidental poisoning 10 Jun 1834
Brainerd, Lydia C. Acute dilation of the heart 9 Jun 1917

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