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This document is comprised of three pages apparently taken from an Ingersoll family bible. These bible pages can also be find under the Correspondence tab, Hungerford, Stanley W. Heading, item "Ingersoll, C. T. 1978 Aug 23 letter to Stanley W. Hungerford." The bible pages are extracted here for ease of reference.

Names in the bible include: Charles Hungerford Leavitt Ingersoll, Asahel Smith Hungerford, Charles Thomas Ingersoll, Martha Ward Hungerford, Imogen Pauline Hungerford Ingersoll, Thomas Stiles Ingersoll, Ben Ward Ingersoll, Julia Weems Ingersoll, Charles John James Ingersoll, Elizabeth Hubbard Leavitt, Eliza Leavitt, Charles Thoomas, Asahel Smith Hungerford, Martha Ward, Imogene Paulina, Charles Thomas Ingersoll, Imogen Paulina Hungerford, Charles Hungerford Leavitt Ingersoll, Thomas Stiles Ingersoll, Ben Ward Ingersoll, and Elizabeth Leavitt Ingersoll.

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