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This typewritten, six page, single spaced manuscript contains the name "Snyder" in the upper right hand corner of the first page and contains the following in its header:

"The Royal and Baronial Descent of Hungerford from the Illustrious family of De Vere -0- The English Lines of Hungerford." Hand written to the right of that last line is written: "Magna Carta Line."

The manuscript begins with Alberic De Vere (died in 1088), "cousin of William the Conqueror and a descendant of many early kings and potentates including Hugh Capet, Hugh Magnus, King Henry and Charles of France, Louis IV of France, Otto 1 of Saxony, Crinan, Vladimer, Czar of Russia, Bazel Emperor of Constantinople, Egbert first King of England, and Charlemayne [sic], Emperor of the West."

This item was contributed to THFFI by Stanley W. Hungerford from his collection of correspondence and other materials.

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