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Elizabeth (IR303) thanks Bruce for the gift of a record both she and her husband Ted enjoyed. She asks him to call her Liz and hopes he doesn't mind her calling him by his first name. Tells him she has heard so much about him from her mother. Liz shares with him that she and Ted are vacationing at Barnegat Light, New Jersey and speaks of the beautiful sand and pristine conditions--which she worries may not last long. Liz then mentions her sister Peggy & her children having spent a few days with them and Peggy feels she knows Bruce from the stories their mother Vera has told. Liz then says her mother is in great health and went to Ireland and the Hungerford castle where she thinks her mother told her there was a meeting "of all the Hungerfords." She concludes the letter by offering a phone number and the willingness to meet Bruce whenever he has the chance. Ted adds a short line or two at the end of the note about some music topics. This letter, it should be noted, is dated on the first page July 29, 1971 but stamped by the post office June 30, 1971.

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