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This document comprises an article "Judges seek leeway in prison sentences" that was published in the Los Angeles Times on November 29, 2007.

This article is copyrighted by the Los Angeles Times and is included here pursuant to written permission from the Los Angeles Times (pending).

Your use of the article is restricted. You may not use it in any way that might infringe on the copyright of the Los Angeles Times. If you intend to make a copy of the article and want to republish it elsewhere, you may not do so without the written permission of the Los Angeles Times. You can obtain that permission as follows (the following information is current as of August 27, 2016):

Submit your request for permission in writing.
Email address: reprint@latimes.com
Fax #: (213) 237-6515

Include the following information:
1. The headline of the article and/or caption of the photo or graphic
2. Date of publication
3. Writer's and/or photographer's name
4. Describe exactly how you would like to repurpose the content. Please note if you are working with an urgent deadline.

You will need to allow two to five business days for a response from them. If it is urgent, you may call them at (213) 237-4919.

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