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The "Patent Rolls: entries for Berkshire (1279-1280)" comprises the calendars of the patent rolls of the reign of king Edward I. They are printed in the Calendars of State Papers, but these cover only a fraction of the material on the rolls.

The reports of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Record Office from 1881 to 1889 also include calendars of other material from the rolls - about five times as many entries as in the State Papers. They are predominantly mandates to the royal justices to hold sessions of oyer and terminer to resolve cases arising locally as well as other general business. The calendar for the 8th year of king Edward I (November 20, 1279 to November 19, 1280) is covered here.

This document comprises page 91 of the Patent Rolls. Following is a transcription of the pertinent entry referencing "Hungerford:"

"Deputy Keeper of the Public Records. No. 1. – Calendar of Patent Rolls: 8 Edward - continued.
* * *
"m. 19d. (4). Hungerford (Berks); appointment of Robert Fulconis and Robert Malet to take the assise of novel desseisin arraigned by Robert de Westcote against Alice daughter of Godwin de Hungerford, touching a tenement in."

NOTE: “assise of novel desseisin” is an legal action under English law to recover lands of which the plaintiff had been “disseised,” meaning “dispossessed.”

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