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T. Russell Hungerford's married sister Frances Lee (Hungerford) Combs (MD29a) sent him a letter with some of the topics being: Thanks for the letter of March 16 & copy of certificate of title of Pierce St. house. I should like to congratulate you on your great success in the settlement of dear Father's estate--It seems that at every turn you have been successful--reductions on several bills, selling the Bond thru Fisher & Co. without commission etc. She bought a real estate note. Wants to know who to send money to if donating to the Episcopal Eye & Ear Hospital. Says she is sorry Russell couldn't come to dinner with Harry. Also advises her offer is still open--he doesn't need to be invited. Frances also says she is glad he and H. were able to remain where they are. P.S. Went to the Cathedral yesterday at 4 p.m. The service was so nice. [Note that Frances accidentally puts the year as 1925. The envelope date stamp says 1924 and the fact that it is a Monday per her letter verifies it is 1924.]

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