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Some of the highlights of her letter: Did not get P.E.P. Co. stock; Still on the market to buy something; Mr. Ryan & Mr. Birkhead asking what I would take for my Richardson place--the money to be put in (she then lists several possibilities); Mary Van Horn wrote her TR had been out to see them & she asks you would Christina like her to call & you said you would ask her ha! ha! But she said Christina had sent her word to come since that; Don't blame you for not taking any pictures; No swiming in the Rappahannock river--not having FL weather; I never expect to see you and Hensie hooked up in matrimony; Cronise will have a hard time getting off - Christina wouldn't want him as there is only one for her; Lal left for Baltimore & undecided about going to work yet--he said he would try to get a pass I would enjoy a trip down to see her--she has a new Hudson coach & would drive her anywhere. Dentist work didn't go well & if Lal does not get a pass to Nellie I will go to Washington.

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