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This document is a copy of an article titled "In American Brass Anaconda Company Secures Greatest Consumer of Copper" published Thursday, December 22, 1921 in the Anaconda Standard (Anaconda, Montana),Volume: XXXIII, Issue: 110, Section: Part II, Pages: 1 and 2. The article mentions the role played by John Hungerford (SH142 in the Surnames Database) in the development of the company.

The article includes a discussion of the Ansonia, Connecticut branch of American Brass, "one of the oldest of all the brass concerns that went into American Brass." The article also states that it "was organized in the '40s by Anson G. Phelps and his associates, John Hungerford and Israel Coe. From this business grew the famous Ansonia Clock Company and Phelps, Dodge & Co."

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