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Richard Warren Hungerford, Jr. (US26 in the Surnames Database) conducted a similar (unbeknownst to him at the time) letter writing campaign as that of Stanley Hungerford's (SH1310 in the Surnames Database) earlier effort which ended up becoming "A Summary Of The Families Hungerford, Descendants of Thomas of Connecticut, 2nd edition, 1980, (second printing - 1982), Including A Brief History of the Hungerford Family In England from the 12th Century, And Descendants of: Thomas of Ireland, William of Maryland, and Thomas of Maryland." Richard's effort was to expand upon, correct, and connect the Hungerford family using Stanley's genealogy as a starting point. This website is what he envisioned would be the next step--the modern version of Stanley's book.

In her reply to Richard's introductory letter Karen Willis (UNUS1109a in the Surnames Database) tells Richard her pedigree and why she is interested in Hungerford family history.

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