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This is "THOMAS HUNGERFORD records collected by Lois Wilson Cronbaugh and Mrs. Viola Miller." The document pertains to "Thomas Hungerford [reference SH1 in the Surnames database] and one line of descendants to Marjorie Hungerford Cook [reference SH590a in the Surnames database] and her sister Miriam Hungerford Ritenour Norrgard [reference SH590b in the Surnames database] of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1962. The document indicates that a copy was given to "Marjorie Hungerford Cook. State Department of History & Archives, Des Moines, Iowa State Historical Society, Iowa City, Iowa. (on hand) 1 D.A.R. Library, Washington, D.C."

This item was contributed to THFFI by Stanley W. Hungerford from his collection of correspondence and other materials.

Names in this document include: Thomas Hungerford, Sarah Hungerford, Lewis Hughes, Hannah Willey, Isaac Willey, Joanna Willey, Hannah Hungerford,, William Ross, Hannah Willey Hungerford, Peter Blachford, Samuel Spencer, Mary Gray, Henry Gray, William Frost, Lydia Gray, Jacob Gray, Mary Gray, Mary Green, Elizabeth Hungerford, Joseph Gates, John Hungerford, Deborah Spencer, Timothy Spencer, Elizabeth Smith, Susannah Hungerford, Samuel Church, Sarah Hungerford, Nathaniel Cone, Mary Hungerford, Stephen Cone, Greene Hungerford, Jemima Richardson, Matthew Fuller, Esther Hungerford, Samuel Gates, Benjamin Hungerford, Elizabeth Smith, Mathew Smith, Mary Cutler, Hannah Hungerford, Samuel Ackley, Jr., David Gates, Thomas Hungerford, Margaret Stewart, Margaret Stuart, Benjamin Hungerford, Jemima Hungerford, Green Hungerford, Elizabeth Hungerford, Joseph Gates, John Stuart, Sarah Ann Beckwith, John Hungerford, Samuel Hungerford, Jonathan Hungerford, Martha Wells, Capt. John Hungerford, Deborah Hungerford, Lucy, Samuel Hungerford, Mary Graves, Elizabeth Smith, Matthew Smith, Alice Loader, Jane Smith, Henry Smith, Elizabeth Gorges, Hugh Smith, Sophia Smith Martin, Mary Cutler, John Cutler, Mary Brown, Abriham Brown, Lydia Brown, John Loader, Elizabeth Loader, Alice Loader, Matthew Smith, Jonathan Hungerford, Martha Wells, Thomas Wells, Elizabeth Warner, Daniel Hungerford, Elijah Hungerford, Elisha Hungerford, Sofia Conger, Kezia Conger, Thomas Hungerford, Rachel Rockwell, Sarah Hungerford, Thomas Hungerford, Rachel Rockwell, John Rockwell, Hannah Scott, Reuben, Hannah, Rockwell, Martha Hungerford, William Barry, Jr., Thomas Hungerford, Triphena Smith, Ormacinda Russell, Mehitable Hungerford, John Barry, Reuben Hungerford, Ruth, Hannah Hungerford, Rockwell Hungerford, Catherine Potter, Reuben Hungerford, Marjorie Hungerford Cook, Ruth Hungerford, Loudema Hungerford, Gardner Hungerford, Lyman Hungerford, Laura Hungerford, Eliza Hungerford, Leander Hungerford, Electa Hungerford, Mary Ann Hungerford, Sarahettie Hungerford, Chester Hungerford, Epps, Juliette Garlock, Chester Hungerford, Juliette Garlock, Abraham Garlock, Timmerman, Chester Bartlett Hungerford, Marion E. Joslin, Juliette Garlock Hungerford, Marion E. Joslin, Mary E. Joslin, Mayme, William Cullen Joslin, Mary Agnes Caffrey, Marjorie J. Hungerford, Don Carlos Cook, Miriam Hungerford, Maurice T. Ritenour, Lucinda Hungerford, Miriam Hungerford Ritenour, John Edward Norgaard, Marjorie Hungerford Cook, Samuel Wolcott, Reuben Hungerford, John Hungerford, Deborah Spencer, Mary Hungerford, Ruby Hungerford, Jane Hungerford, Thomas Harey, Esther Hungerford, John Hungerford, Thankful Hungerford, Robert Hungerford, Grace Holmes, Thomas Hungerford, Deborah Hungerford, Capt. John Hungerford, Green Hungerford, Jemima Richardson, Nathias Fuller, Lydia Hungerford, Sarah Hungerford, Prudence Hungerford, Green Hungerford, Elizabeth Stewart, Mary Hungerford, Rachel Hungerford, Lydia Hungerford, Stephen Hungerford, Hester Hungerford, Esther Hungerford, Elisha Fuller, Elizabeth Hungerford, Lemuel Hungerford, Nathaniel Hungerford, John Hungerford, Deborah Hungerford, John Hungerford, Deborah Spencer Hungerford, Lucy, Levi Hungerford, Thomas Hungerford, Oliver Hungerford, Lucy Stow, Uriah Hungerford, Amasa Hungerford, Elizabeth Seeley, Deborah Hungerford, Abraham Brooks, John Hungerford, Lucy Hungerford, Eliada Orton, Elizabeth Hungerford, Huldah Hungerford, Azel Hills, Lydia Hungerford, Roswell Cone, David Hungerford, Elizabeth Smith Hungerford, Anna Beckwith, Thomas Doolittle, Edith Johnson, James Hungerford, David Hungerford, Rosannah Williams, Joel Hungerford, Susannah Andrews, Jonah Hungerford, Jonas Hungerford, Anne Hungerford, James Tyler, Reuben Hungerford, Olive Gaylord, Benjamin Hungerford, Jemima Hungerford, Green Hungerford, Jemima Richardson, Prudence Hungerford, Ebenezer Gaylord, Marhew Hungerford, Rachel Spencer, Jemima Hungerford, Rachel Hungerford, Jesse Gaylord, Lydia Hungerford, Jabez Bacon, Benjamin Hungerford, Kezia Walker, Stephen Hungerford, Althea Coggswell, Susanna Hungerford, Jonathan Pond, Timothy Hungerford, Hannah Heicox, Jacob Hungerford, Mary Newell, Mary Hungerford, Thomas Hart, Timothy Hungerford, Samuel Newell, Hannah Heicox, Nancy Hungerford, Josiah Bradner, Hannah Hungerford, Jabez Foster, Anson Hungerford, Sarah P. Coe, Timothy Hungerford, Mary Richardson, Lorrain Hungerford, Daniel Brainard, Dexter Hungerford, Marietta Burr, Orville Hungerford,Betsey Stanley, Reuben Hungerford, Olive Gaylord, Lois Hungerford, Joseph Cowles, Polly Hungerford, Amos Hungerford, Betsy Latourette, Chauncey Hungerford, Reuben Hungerford, Olive Hungerford, Sally Hungerford, Halsey Phillips, Ann Hungerford, Solomon Drake, Lucinda Hungerford, Ethan Pendleton, Delinda Hungerford, Candace Hungerford, Amanda Hungerford, Chauncey Hungerford, Cynthia Allen, Orville Hungerford, Betsey P. Stanley, George Stanley, Hannah Porter, Mary S. Hungerford, Adriel Ely, Adriel Ely, Sarah Stow, Orville Hungerford, Emma E. Tood, Richard E. Hungerford, Marcus Hungerford, Martha Hungerford, Isaac Covert, Francis E. Hungerford, Orville Hungerford, Emma E. Tood, Thomas Hungerford, Ormacinda Russell, John Russell, Martha Thrall, Melinda H. Hungerford, Giles F. Kitts, Greene Hungerford, Alice Willey, Alice Hungerford, Samuel Hungerford, Mary Graves, Eunice Hungerford, Joseph Soule, James Hungerford, Urill Hungerford, Hannah Wilson, Isaiah Hungerford, Esther Mead, Levi Hungerford, Ezrah Hungerford, Caroline Wilcox, Zorah Hungerford, Amos Northrup, Margaret Hungerford, Job Hurlburt, Simeon Hungerford, Elizabeth Burchard, Deborah Hungerford, Nathan Waldo, Elizabeth Hungerford, Mr. Tuttle, and Solomon Jones.

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