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This is an eight page document "(Right Hon, Sir) Walter Hungerford, MP" that was posted to the Milne Family Tree on Ancestry.com on 12 Jan 2011 by david468_1 (David Milne). The document provides an extended overview of Sir Walter Hungerford's life and family. The first two paragraphs in this document read as follows:

"Walter Hungerford was the guardian of his nephew, Southcote Hungerford Luttrell, orphaned by the death of his mother and the murder of his father.

"Walter Hungerford died without issue and left the Manor of Rodbourne, Wiltshire and the Studley estates to his nephew George Hungerford, son of his brother Ducie Hungerford. George died without an heir, and according to Walter's will the estate should then have passed to his nephew John Hungerford Keate, who also died without a surviving male heir. The estate should then have passed to his nephew Southcote Hungerford Luttrell."

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