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This document is comprised of 80 pages pertaining to the Civil War pension of John H. Johnson (US8499) for service as a Private in Company F, 14th Ohio Voluntary Infantry. His original Pension Certificate is Number 862,903.

This file reflects his appeal for an increase in his pension due to disability (chronic diarrhea; disease of the rectum and heart; disease of the lungs (asthma); rheumatism; senile debility). He was awarded the increased pension pursuant to Pension Certificate 582,995. The file includes extensive doctors' reports of his medical condition.

The file also includes a claim (p. 62 of the document) by his daughter, Emma Johnson (US8499c), for his accrued pension and compensation: "The daughter Emma Johns States that for 2 1/2 yrs She has cared for her father as nurse and that much of the time he was helpless and required her Constant attention - and did not apply for pay for a nurse - and was dependent on him and his pension for support - and could not leave him to earn anything and is now without means or employment."

See also John H. Johnson's mother's Lucinda (Hungerford) Johnson Nesbitt Widow's pension file.

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